(Mothers Offering Mothers Support)

Who are we?
PPD MOMS is a volunteer-led organization providing support services to women and their families struggling with the effects of postpartum depression (PPD) or related mood disorders.

PPD MOMS provides the following services:

  • Telephone support
  • Peer support groups
  • Referrals to professionals
  • Public education
  • Awareness and advocacy

Brenda Brown, a mom who suffered severe PPD came to us in 2002 to help us create the 1-800-PPD MOMS project. In the last 6 years we have routed over 10,000 new moms to help and support and sent ambulances to rescue over 400 new moms from self harm or even worse. KBHC launched the PPD Moms Project in April 2003. We kicked off this program with a dedication by Marie Osmond and was the only resource listed by Brooke Shields in her landmark book about PPD "Down Came The Rain".

Volunteer Opportunities
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with PPD MOMS, please email us at info@hopeline.com We will send you a volunteer application and discuss a role that is right for you based on your preference and availability.

Support Groups

“It was enormously reassuring to me to find out that other people had experienced the same sort of feelings as I had and that I did not have to pretend to be feeling alright.” -- Support Group Participant

Our Peer Moms on Call

Each of the peer support moms on call have been trained by leaders in this field and are networked by the Postpartum Support International group. By calling 800-PPDMOMS new moms who think they may be suffering from PPD can obtain a risk assessment. If they need more help it can and will be sent to them. Also if they are looking to speak to a mom who has been trained as a peer counselor and has suffered PPD/PPP in their life the nearest mom on call will be referred to the caller.

There is no cost for the support groups. We do, however, suggest a donation to our foundation. We run solely on donations, and all funds are critical to maintain our services to the public. Suggested donations: $5, $15, $25 or $100

A support group is not a substitution for professional therapy; rather it acts as a supplement - a boost- to the help of your therapist. A self-help group runs on the principle that a trouble shared is a trouble halved. It allows one to use her own strength to resolve problems. If you are not under the care of a professional (i.e. psychiatrist, psychologist, professional counselor, social worker, etc.) we can provide a list of professionals in your area who may be able to help you.

For reasons of confidentiality, our groups are for PPD mothers only. Some sessions may be open to husbands/partners, and other family members (check with your facilitator for more information.)

*Note: An open group means that participants are free to come to groups whenever they feel the need to attend. This group runs continuously and will welcome new members at any time. A closed group starts and ends with the same participants and runs for 8 consecutive weeks. Once a closed group has begun no new members will be accepted. The two different styles are provided to allow each participant to decide with which group style she is most comfortable.

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